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Audio and video excerpts

corro a Dio (excerpt)- Emily Sinclair, soprano; Christopher Zemliauskus, piano;2012

The House Explodes (excerpt) - Hsing-ay Hsu, piano; 2011

No Stars Tonight, But Echoes (excerpt) - Megan Buness, soprano; Gene Roberts, baritone; Margaret Miller, viola; Nan Shannon, piano; 2010

Dreams Go Through Me (excerpts) - The Playground Ensemble; 2011

As Sparks Fly Upward (excerpt) - Dunja Jennings, clarinet; Ron Blessinger, violin, Adam Esbensen, cello, Susan Smith, piano; Gordon Rencher, percussion; Henry Mollicone, conductor; 2006

Midsummer in the Cottonwoods (excerpt)- Paul Nagem, flute; Sarah Balian, oboe; Daryll Stevens, clarinet; Michael Yopp, horn; Alexander Vierira, bassoon; 2008

Meciendo (excerpt) - St. Martin's Chamber Choir, 2006

Quilter’s Hymn (excerpt) - Anne Dixon, contralto; Katherine Kleitz, flute; Marc Lauritsen, piano; text by Leanna Kirchoff; 2006

Cantus Rosarum "Sonetto Primo" (2nd movement) - Katherine Kleitz, flute; 2004

Edith’s Rag (excerpt) - Row Twelve Contemporary Music Ensemble (instrumental version); 2006