Final Project (TMUS 8339)

The Clever Artifice of Harriet and Margaret (in progress)


John Duffy Institute 2012 video (produced by Jake Runestad)
(Kirchoff interview and
Clever Artifice excerpt at 2:52)

excerpt from scene 1 - Signe Mortensen, soprano; Barbara Rearick, mezzo soprano; Geraldine Boyer-Cussac, piano; Beverly Coulter, piano; Alan Johnson, musical director; Rhoda Levine, stage director


Chamber Opera Proposal (updated F12)


Composition Projects I and II
(TMUS 8119 and TMUS 8129)

corro a Dio (2011) - Emily Sinclair, soprano; Christopher Zemliauskas, piano


The House Explodes (2010) - Hsing-ay Hsu, piano


No Stars Tonight, But Echoes (2010) - Megan Buness, soprano; Gene Roberts, baritone; Margaret Miller, viola; Nan Shannon, piano


Dreams Go Through Me (2009)- The Playground Ensemble

I. Like Wine Through Water  

II. Rabbit's Escape   

III. Sleep Hath It's Own World   


Also video on YouTube:
     Part 1
     Part 2

The Playground Ensemble CD

Available at CDBaby
Dreams Go Through Me
The Playground Ensemble, 2011


What Old Men Say (2007) - Bradley Thompson, baritone; Nan Shannon, piano

1. He Thinks of his Past Greatness   

2. Meditation of the Old Fisherman   

3. Running to Paradise   

4. Never give all the Heart   

5. The old Men admiring Themselves in the Water   


Kirchoff DMA Coursework

Fall 2012 DMA Plan


Kirchoff Bio and Select Performances

Kirchoff Bio Fall 2012



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