Edith's Rag (2002)
two voices, flute, trombone, piano, bass (also instrumental only version available)
Music and libretto by Leanna Kirchoff
Duration: 5 minutes

Commissioned by Susan and Jeff Howe in honor of Edith Howe’s 95th Birthday.
Premiere: Row Twelve Contemporary Music Ensemble, June 22, 2002, Stow, MA

Other performances:  Row Twelve, private birthday party for Edith Howe, June 23, 2002, Bedford, MA
Recordings:  Cross Currents and Other New Music for Row Twelve, Row Twelve Contemporary Music Ensemble 2006

Program notes:  
Edith’s Rag was commissioned in 2002 by Susan and Jeff Howe in celebration of Edith Bowker Howe’s 95th Birthday.  The ragtime feel of the piece harkens back to popular music of the early twentieth century. Row Twelve first performed the piece with lyrics that highlighted events in Edith’s life.  An instrumental version of the piece was arranged for recording on the 2006 release Cross Currents and Other New Music for Row Twelve.

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