Flower World Variations (1997)
1. o flower fawn
2. out in the mountain there
3. now the cloud will break
4. night hawk
5. dead grasses

6. flower world creeper

flute, oboe or violin, piano and reader
Text: five Yaqui Indian poems, text by Jerome Rothenberg
Duration: 15 minutes

Commissioned by Row Twelve Contemporary Music Ensemble
Premiere: Row Twelve, Harvard Unitarian Church, December 6, 1997, Harvard, MA  

Other performances: 
Row Twelve, Harvard-Epworth Methodist Church, December 7, 1997, Cambridge, MA 
Row Twelve, July 12, 1998, Stow, MA

Row Twelve, Harvard-Epworth Methodist Church, March 29, 2003, Cambridge, MA

Row Twelve, March 30, 2003, Stow, MA

Program notes:  Inspired by the ritual deer dances of the Yaqui Indians of northern Mexico, Flower World Variations are a collection of poems written by Jerome Rothenberg. The rhythmic vitality and mystical imagery of the "flower fawn," the "doves in the flower water," the "night hawk," and the "dead grasses," serve as ideal source material for music. This musical setting utilizes six poems from Rothenberg's collection.

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