Meciendo is a piece of haunting beauty, capturing the mystical nature
of the text perfectly. The gentle, lullaby-like undulations of the accompanying
provide a lush bed of sound for the chant-like melodies to soar over,
captivating the listener almost before he or she is aware of its beauty."

Timothy J. Krueger, artistic director, St. Martin's Chamber Choir

Meciendo (2005)
SATB acapella choir
Text: Gabriela Mistral
Translation: White Pine Press
Duration: 5 minutes

Commissioned by Harmonia chamber choir, Boulder, CO
1st place award in 2007 Sorel Medallion International Choral Composition Competition

Premiere:  Harmonia, April 22, 2006, The Journey, Longmont, CO

Other performances:
Harmonia, April 23, 2006, The Academy, Boulder, CO

St. Martin’s Chamber Choir
, December 17, 2006, Broomfield Auditorium, Broomfield, CO

St. Martin’s Chamber Choir, December 22, 2006, St. Elizabeth’s Church, Denver, CO

Metropolitan State College of Denver Concert Choir, March 5, 2007, Denver, CO

Voices of Ascension, October 9, 2007, Carnegie Hall, New York, NY

Metropolitan State College of Denver Concert Choir, January 25, 2008, Colorado Music Educators Association conference, Colorado Springs, CO

Metropolitan State College of Denver, Concert Choir, February 21, 2008, American Choral Directors Association conference, Kansas City, MO

St. Martin’s Chamber Choir
, December 19, 2008, St. John's Episcopal Cathedral, Denver, CO

St. Martin’s Chamber Choir, December 20, 2008, First Congregational Church, Boulder, CO

St. Martin’s Chamber Choir, December 21, 2008, Augustana Lutheran Church, Denver, CO

Lamont Chorale, March 2, 2011, University of Denver, Denver, CO

Program notes:
     Meciendo is the winner of the 2007 Sorel Medallion, an international choral competition sponsored by the Sorel Organization.  Named in memory of pianist-prodigy, Claudette Sorel, the organization seeks to offer new opportunities for women musicians.  As a part of the award, Kirchoff’s Meciendo, was performed at an October 9 concert sung by Voices of Ascension, a mixed chorus of 40 professional vocalists directed by Dennis Keene and based in New York City.  The evening concert was held in Zankel Auditorium, one of three performing spaces within renowned Carnegie Hall.
     The text of Meciendo, Spanish for “rocking,” is from a poem by the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral.  Against a background of flowing, rhythmic chants that evoke fields of wheat waving in the wind, a solo soprano voice raises a lyrical contrast as she reflects on rocking her child in her arms.  Nine separate lines call and answer each other then meld into a single voice at the end.


 Kirchoff at Carnegie Hall performance of "Meciendo"

Kirchoff at Carnegie Hall


Voices of Ascension on the Carnegie Hall marquee

VOA poster

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