The Wind in the Willows (1999)
youth chorus, soloists, alto saxophone doubling flute, tenor saxophone doubling Bb clarinet, keyboard
Book: Kenneth Grahame

Adaptation: Jerry Seifert
Lyrics: Leanna Kirchoff and Jerry Seifert

Duration: 70 minutes

Commissioned by Stages Theatre Company
Premiere: Stages Theatre Company, September 17- October 17, 1999, Hopkins, MN

Program notes:
A comic and witty musical adapted from Kenneth Grahame's book, The Wind in the Willows.  Rat, Badger and Mole, aided by a singing Greek chorus of "willows," help rescue Toad from his own antics in this story of friendship.

"Wild Wood Chorus" - Wild Wood chorus
"Messin' about in Boats" - Rat, Mole and Wild Wood chorus
"From Bad to Worse" - Wild Wood chorus
"Poor, Poor Toad" - Wild Wood chorus
"Guilty, Guilty, Guilty" - Toad, Judge, and Wild Wood chorus
"A Little Bitty Kitty and a Porcupine" - Kit Kat, Parry and Wild Wood chorus
"What's Wrong With That?" - The Weasels


Kirchoff and Seifert at The Wind in the Willows premiere

Kirchoff and Seifert

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